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    Industrial sulfur is mainly used for the manufacturing of sulfuric acid, dyes and rubber products. In addition, it is widely used in military, medical, pesticide industry and etc.

    English name: Sulfur
    Alias: sulfur; sulfur flowers; sulfur powder; thione; sulphur; sulfur roll; sulfur precipitated; s-80; microthiol special; rasulf; sulfur, sublimed
    CAS RN: 7704-34-9
    EINECS No.: 231-722-6
    Molecular formula: S
    Molecular weight: 32.065
    Dangerous mark: F:Flammable
    Risks: R11;
    Safety term: S16; S26;
    Physical and chemical performance: light yellow; melting point: 112.8℃; boiling point: 444.6℃; relative density: 2.07

    Solubility: easily soluble in carbon disulfide, insoluble in water and lightly soluble in ethylalcohol and ether
    Uses: for the manufacturing of sulfuric acid, dyes and rubber products;
    Upstream material: soda ash, ethylic acid, synthesis ammonia, coke oven gas, sodium potassium tartrate tetrahydrate, tannin extract, hydrogen sulfide, sodium bisulfide, coal, vanadium pentoxide and crude oil
    Down stream product: hydrobromic acid, sulfuric acid, fuming sulphuric acid, chlorosulfonic acid, sodium hydrogen sulfite and so on

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